Inu Moo :: v0.82

トークンバーニング Token Burning

Embrace the blaze, my friend

We have created a dedicated web page to showcase the essential burning features of the Inu Moo Idle Farming game. Understanding this fundamental aspect is crucial for token holders.

Harmonious Transformation: The Essence of Token Incineration

Tokens are burned through the Vestige secure burning vault (for example), tokens are gathered and transferred to a newly established vault on a monthly basis. There are two methods for token retrieval:

1. Players completing farming "Contracts" earn Inu Moo token rewards and contribute to the community's monthly token burn wallet.

2. "The Tax Man" imposes a 2.5% fee on all in-game transactions including the weekly outgoing player rewards, adding to the community's monthly token burn wallet. For the specific monthly token burn amount, refer to the Stats page.