Inu Moo :: v0.82

ゲームのリリース Game Releases

Here's what you can expect from Inu Moo 1.0.0 release, which introduces the core features of the game, providing players with diverse gameplay experiences and activities to explore Haru no Sato, the "Village of Spring".

Farming Skill
Farming - The first skill in Inu Moo
In the upcoming Inu Moo RPG, the foundational skill to master is farming. Serving as the focal point of the game's initial release, this skill will guide players through the immersive process of acquiring farmland, cultivating crops, and engaging with the vibrant marketplace. Get ready to embark on your farming journey and witness your character flourish in this rich, virtual world!
税務マン "The Tax Man"
Taxes - the uninvited guest at the party
Not the favourite, but essential for keeping the party going. While nobody enjoys paying them, they play a vital role in the recipe for a civilised society. We might not love them, but hey, they keep the wheels turning and the coffee brewing!
Farming Contracts
Collaborating with Wholesale providers
Farming contracts are vital because they provide players with a valuable chance to connect with external wholesalers who urgently need specific agricultural products. These contracts facilitate swift fulfilment of produce requests, creating a win-win situation for both farmers and wholesalers. Farmers benefit from lucrative rewards, while wholesalers receive the timely supply they require.
Player Bank
Access to storage
An important feature, the bank enables players to store up to 15 items. Additional storage spaces can be obtained for a small fee, offering enhanced convenience for managing your in-game items.
さくらマーケットプレイス Sakura Marketplace
The farmers market
The Sakura Marketplace provides a convenient platform for buying and selling a wide range of goods and produce. It's the ideal place to acquire essential farming tools and sell surplus produce, helping you manage your inventory effectively and connect with fellow farmers in the community.

Here's what you can expect from Inu Moo 1.1.0 release, which introduces other should have features in the game, expanding on the gameplay experience with new additions.

Compost is nature's gift
Using compost significantly enhances the likelihood of achieving high-quality produce and reduces the time required for harvest readiness, with the effectiveness varying depending on the quality of compost applied. A useful in-game feature to improve your produce.
Weatherman Kaze
Sensei Kaze
Sensei Kaze is a revered Japanese weatherman in the community, renowned for his profound knowledge of weather forecasting rooted in ancient wisdom. He will prove useful in your farming strategy.

Here's what you can expect from Inu Moo 1.2.0 release, which introduces more features to the game, expanding on the gameplay experience with new additions.

Field Tenderers
Hiring Skilled Workers
Field tenderers aid in the efficient management of farms by tending to crops, watering, and harvesting. This optimises the farming process, giving players more confidence that their crops will grow healthily.

What else can we add to Inu Moo? We'll be asking for community input regarding release 1.2.0

What groundbreaking features can we introduce in the next major Inu Moo release? Perhaps a new skill to redefine the game experience? Your input matters! This game belongs to the community, and we're reaching out for your ideas to shape Release 2.0.0. Get ready to share your thoughts and be part of the game's exciting evolution.