Inu Moo :: v0.82

トケノミクス Tokenomics

Harmony in Tokenomics: Lessons from the East

The team fondly reflects on the invaluable lessons acquired during their exploration of the cryptocurrency landscape. These lessons emphasize the importance of fair token distribution, avoiding the reckless act of dumping tokens onto a community, and the delicate art of managing the liquidity pool. The wisdom gained from these experiences is thoughtfully integrated into the Inu Moo project, guiding its development with prudence and care.

The INU MOO token

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Harmony in Exchange: The Path to Token Equilibrium

Total Supply


Vault #1227893752 (Burn Wallet)

250,000,000 (25%) 🔥

Inu-Moo General Reserve Vault (In-Game Rewards and Burn reserve)

691,000,000 (69.1%)

LP Staking Reserve Vault

25,000,000 (2.5%)

Liquidty Pool

18,000,000 (1.8%)

Community Hodlers

16,000,000 (1.6%)

Preserving Balance: The Path of Thoughtful Token Distribution

None of the 1 billion tokens are set aside for myself or any team members to prevent token dumping on our community for project funding. Instead, we've adopted a unique approach by implementing a 10% tax on weekly reward payouts and other in-game transactions, as detailed in the Game Guide under "The Tax Man". Additionally, an extra 2.5% tax is applied to the burning mechanism, directly reducing the overall number of available tokens to ever reach circulation. This means that the more players engage with the game, the more tokens will be burned. For further information, please refer to the Token Burning.

Embracing Wisdom: The Gift of Constructive Voices

If you have any feedback regarding the outlined tokenomics, please don't hesitate to reach out.